Climate Change: Taking Action

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Earlier today Leonardo DiCaprio released a new documentary film titled Before the Flood. This new documentary tackles the increasing global threat of climate change by dissecting the rich literature of climate science while breaking down what this data means for civilization. The film closes by providing a number of possible solutions that both governments and individuals can do to help negate its continuing effects. Here’s a few recommendations I have for myself:

  1. What You Eat and Drink

-Buy less beef and red meat. Replace with chicken or consume less meat all together.

-Buy less processed snack foods and candy. Replace with fruits, vegetables, or cereals.

-Buy less dairy products like milk, eggs and cheese.

-Buy less bottled water and other packaged drinks. Buy in bulk and get a reusable bottle.

2. Products and Energy Efficiency In Your Home

-Buy LED light bulbs over traditional incandescent bulbs.

-Replace old appliances like refrigerators with ENERGY STAR certified alternatives

-Adjust your thermostat appropriately for warm months and cold months.

-Maximize recycling and minimize garbage.

-Consider buying Solar panels if available to you.

3. Transportation and On the Road

-Carpool, bike, walk or use public transit more frequently.

-Keep tires inflated and remove unnecessary weight from the vehicle.

-Invest in a electric, hybrid, or super fuel efficient vehicle for your next car.

-Keep flight travel to a minimum.

4. Vote and Make Your Voice Heard

-Support elected officials who believe climate change is real (I wish I didn’t have to say that..)

-Pressure officials to enact climate change policies and initiatives like a carbon tax.


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