The Lesser of Two Evils

If Christopher Hitchens was alive today, what would he think about the current U.S. presidential election? I can only imagine the colorful and articulate insight he would have provided us- shredding apart both candidates with their blatant hypocrisy. Hitchens unwavering moral compass in combination with his contrarian love for debate allowed him to call bullshit where no one else would. Nothing exemplified this more than his 1999 book No One Left To Lie to a damning polemic of President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton.

At the core of the book, Hitchens describes the Clinton’s strategy of triangulation. Put simply, triangulation is the practice of promising to The Left, while delivering to The Right. Bill Clinton promised change in his campaign, yet actively fought against his own constituents the years following his election and reelection (ex: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Healthcare reform, Welfare degradation). The most depressing, yet successful part of this strategy was that even after duping his supporters, they actively defended him and rationalized his broken promises.

With the 2016 election less then a month away, I can’t help but consider Hillary Clinton’s own version of triangulation, particularly the compromises she’s made with Bernie Sanders during the primaries. Some of these compromises include: Adopting an Anti-TPP stance, supporting an updated Glass Steagall, and ending the era of mass incarcerations. If elected, will she even attempt to push these proposals as promised? Or will she be the mirror image of her husband- continuing the cycle of repeated and consistent dishonesty that has plagued American politics and raised cynicism in our democracy? I can only remain skeptical.

In addition to the Clinton’s notorious issue of trustworthiness, is the other elephant in the room: The Clinton Machine- a vast network of allies that is loyal to the Clinton family. At the highest level this includes Hollywood celebrities, major media pundits, world leaders and Super-PAC operatives. Their political power is incredibly difficult to fathom and is quite frankly, terrifying.

This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if Clinton wasn’t notoriously known for being involved in scandal after scandal throughout her career. And thanks to the recent Wikileaks revelations, many of the otherwise conspiratorial allegations made against her have either been confirmed or, at the very least, raised skepticism about high levels of corruption Clinton is involved with. The worst Wikileak documents regarding Clinton can be found here. At this point, they should consider changing The Democratic Party name to Clinton Incorporated®

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) Mrs. Clinton is running against Donald Trump- one of the most transparent narcissists that has walked the earth. Unlike Mrs. Clinton who cleverly hides her dishonesty behind obfuscations, Trump openly boasts about “facts” that can be contradicted with a 10 second google search. The man takes so much pride in ignorance that I can confidently say that I, someone who is insanely under-qualified to be president, knows more about world affairs then he does. Every time he opens his mouth I have to brace myself from cringing.

Perhaps even worse than his narcissism and slippery relationship to the truth, is his inability to concede or apologize any point. He downplays his comments about sexually assaulting women, scoffs at criticisms of his business practices and deflects everything directed at him as a mass conspiracy. Donald Trump resembles a child who never learned any mannerisms. He screams and pouts every time something doesn’t go his way. It’s appalling to see this behavior in any adult, let alone a candidate for the highest office in the world.

Policy wise, Donald Trump is one of the worst candidates in modern history. He believes climate change is a hoax, has endorsed torture and killing terrorists families, and thinks the United States should default on its national debt. These views are actually insane and dangerous. Of course that’s assuming he’s not bullshitting like usual. Trump is the antithesis of Christopher Hitchens- a man with a hallow moral compass, volatile values and a plain lack of curiosity.

I still have trouble wrapping my mind around how out of the 300 million+ potential candidates, we somehow ended up with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But here we are, and one of them will be president of the United States of America. If you alone had to decide who would become president of the United States, who would you pick?

In philosophy there is something known as The Lesser of Two Evils principle. Put simply, when faced with selecting from two unpleasant options, the one which is least harmful should be chosen. As a utilitarian, this principle is what it used in order to make incredibly difficult decisions in things like the Trolley Problem. So who is the lesser of two evils in this case?

When answering this question it becomes apparent that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump represent two very different kinds of evil, which makes them very difficult to compare side by side. Hillary Clinton represents the evils of massive power, consolidation, globalist and elitist thinking, deception and oligarchy. Donald Trump represents the evils of irrationality, chauvinism, utopian thinking, hatred and cynicism.

When making this comparison, I cannot help but think of the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. In the novel, a group of farm animals lead by the pigs (Donald Trump) revolt against the corrupt farmers (Hillary Clinton) and take over the farm. The pigs end up changing the government structure dramatically and end up content for a time. By the end of the novel, the animals realize they cannot distinguish between the pigs and the farmers because they’ve become just as corrupt and elitist as those before them.

However, unlike Animal Farm, America is a democracy. There is no dictator to overthrow. Despite what Donald Trump wants you to believe about our “broken” system, democracy works if people are informed and involved in the political process. Indeed, it is democracy that gives a voice to every citizen. Americans have the power to change society, however small, through voting and individual action. Bernie Sanders campaign was proof of that possibility.

I think more than anything else this election is between a fascist and a crook. A fascist that wants to tear the system down versus a crook who wants to keep the system up. I’ll take the crook every time. I can only encourage my fellow Americans to swallow the bitter pill and do the same.

I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton in November.

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