Album Listening: 2015

Although it seems silly to say, it has to be said over and over again: Listening to new music is one of the best ways for improving your songwriting skills. It will not only allow you to get your creative juices flowing again, but it can ultimately lead to a ton of inspiration in adding new ideas and concepts in your own songs. Give some of my favorite 2015 albums a try:

Number 10


Album: Every Open Eye

Top Tracks: Leave A Trace, Clearest Blue, Down Side Of Me

Number 9

Artist: Failure

Album: The Heart is a Monster

Top Tracks: Counterfeit Sky, Atom City Queen, Petting the Carpet

Number 8

Artist: God is an Astronaut

Album: Helios Erebus

Top Tracks: Pig Power, Helios Erebus, Sea Of Trees

Number 7

Artist: Pentimento

Album: I, No Longer

Top Tracks: Sink or Swim, Clever Reason, Stuck Forever

Number 6

Artist: Waking Aida

Album: Full Heal

Top Tracks: Day-Glo Forest, Exploding Palm, Blue Shelled

Number 5

Artist: Young Lions

Album: Blue Isla

Top Tracks: When Will We Be Free?, I Know, Tearing Us Apart

Number 4

Artist: coldrain

Album: VENA

Top Tracks: Heart of the Young, Whole, Wrong

Number 3

Artist: Bring Me The Horizon

Album: That’s The Spirit

Top Tracks: Happy Song, Blasphemy, Doomed

Number 2

Artist: Meg Myers

Album: Sorry

Top Tracks: Desire, Lemon Eyes, Sorry

Number 1

Artist: twenty one pilots

Album: Blurryface

Top Tracks: Tear In My Heart, Stressed Out, Not Today

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