4 Books That Changed My Life Perspective

Reading anything non-fiction was terribly boring growing up. Given the choice between reading the history of World War II and The Magic Tree House series, the ladder always got my vote. I assume most kids were the same. Even in high school non-fiction books couldn’t spark my interest. Something about 400 page colorless textbooks on generic subjects was unappealing. Even the biggest of bookworms had trouble staying focused.

However, my perception of non-fiction changed when I entered college. For the first time in my life, I was introduced to some non-fiction books that were interesting. Why were they interesting? Because they contained ideas I had never considered before.  Ideas that challenged everything I believed. Ideas that turned my understanding of reality upside down and made me reevaluate everything that I once believed.

The 4 books that changed my life perspective for the better:






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