11 Free To Use Online Tools

More than 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. An internet connection with the ability to access an endless supply of knowledge, entertainment and practical tools. And yet, only a fraction of these 3 billion people use it to the fullest!

There are countless great websites and applications for practically everything. So I thought I’d share some of my favorites that are fun, easy and free to use. Enjoy!

  1. Documentary Heaven – Hundreds of documentaries on a wide number of subjects. Great as a replacement for a casual movie. I don’t watch television anymore.
  2. Ted Talks – Learn and explore new ideas from experts and passionate speakers. Absolutely fascinating and another great replacement for tv or a movie.
  3. Khan Academy – Great teaching tools on Math, Science, Humanities and Computing. This site has saved my grades on a number of occasions.
  4. Pixlr – Amazing picture editor. Comes in a basic / intermediate version for a quick easy edit or an advanced version for those that are more technical.
  5. Twilight – This mobile application reduces eye strain from staring at your phone, especially useful before going to bed. Has probably saved me hundreds of hours of sleep.
  6. WordPress – Make your own customizable website. By far my favorite blog platform. Has the ability to really individualize your site and make it your own.
  7. Flickr – Amazing site to browse and use millions of commercial free photos. I get the majority of my blog photos from here under the creative commons.
  8. Unreal Engine – Learn how to create your own video game from scratch! Great for anyone interested in game development and is interested in making it a career.
  9. LMMS – The best available tool out there for learning to produce digital music for free. I recommend knowing a little bit of music theory before jumping in, but newbies are definitely welcome too!
  10. CodeAcademy – Fantastic resource for learning how to code and create your own website. Provides both beginner tutorials for newbies and advanced tutorials for those that want to improve their skills.
  11. Krita –  While programs like Photoshop are awesome for image manipulation and design, it has an incredibly high learning curve and can be difficult to get started. Krita is designed for creating concept art, digital paintings, and web comics which has a manageable tool set much more friendly to the average user.

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